I started taking lessons from Mary when I was 17, knowing a little bit about riding and horses but nothing about showing and training in general.  Ever since then, Mary has been an amazing mentor and friend to me. Now an amateur, I've come a long way under Mary's guidance. From not even knowing what Dressage was or even how to go around in the pen, I now have several championship titles under my belt.  Mary has helped my dream of learning how to show horses and win some roses come true and be a much more confidant horsewoman all around.  Her attention to detail and phenomenal drive and motivation has made a huge impact on the rider, and person, I am today.

Sydney Rose

Legacy Pines Performance Horses

HSA Amira Tajdol+ (1999-2016)

With owners Bill and Henrietta Ellzey of Flint Hill Farm

The special 'Dolly' has shown SHIH, SHUS, Dressage, Western Pleasure, and found her specialty in Western Dressage.  I will forever be grateful to this mare and her owners and always carry her in my heart every ride and trip down center line.

Clients and Testimonials

AM O Pericles Style+++/


Pictured right with owners Lisa Littrell and Wayne Clem.  Paddy was one of the greats of a lifetime.  We have so many wins and memories, but our ride to 2015 SHN Top 10 in PB SHUS Open is my favorite.  Thank You so much to Lisa, Wayne, and Gail for your trust with him over the years.  He will forever ride with me in my heart.

McKenzie Blake of Mayhem Farm and Mayhems Shetan+++/.

"I sent my first horse to Mary Loden over ten years ago and couldn't have been happier with his successes in the show arena or with the friendship that came from the first meeting!  Over the ten years, I have sent seven of my horses to Mary Loden. Some of these went on to become family / trail homes and others went on to the show arena. Mary takes her time to get to know each and every horse as an individual and tries to meet each and every one of their needs as best as possible. If you are looking for a great trainer at an affordable price contact Mary today!"

"In October of 2012, I purchased a 2 yr old gypsy vanner cross gelding. I
needed the perfect trainer for the perfect horse! I found Mary Loden.
From day one, she worked daily with him teaching him the basics in
ground work to eventually riding. I tried to make it out to the farm
about once or twice a week but if I couldn't, I had no worries that he
was being taken care of and loved on. Mary was very informative and
taught me a lot while Cushti was there. He has become a wonderful
riding horse and I get complimented a lot on his disposition and easy
going attitude. I truly enjoyed watching her work with all the horses
in the round pen, helping clean stalls, and trips to the laundromat to
wash all the winter blankets. My horse and I left Mary's place and
relocated to Texas two and a half years ago. I am happy to say that
she and I are still in touch and she is still my go-to person when I
need help or advice on my horses. I found the perfect trainer and also
gained a wonderful friend. Thank you for all that you have done for me
and Cushti, Mary!!"
Casey Withrow
and Cushti's Houdini